What is an affiliate program?

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program brings you the possibility to partner with our company and EARN MONEY by promoting FTM’s products and services.

Every time our web is accessed through your links or banners from your blog or webpage and a purchase is made, you will EARN MONEY without any effort. And this is not all! You may earn commission from other referees only by making your contacts sign up to the program.

What is a Referee?

A Referee is a person who enters our web through a link with your affiliate data or your blog’s or website’s banners and makes a purchase.

How to enroll in FTM’s Affiliate Program?

Enrolling in FTM’s Affiliate Program is very simple and, on top of that, FREE!

To get started, follow the registration link (http://www.flixtransmedia.com/affiliate-register-page/) and fill in your data.

How much money can I earn?

We have different affiliate categories, according to the number of referees your account records, and each of these categories has different commission for sales.

The initial category is Associate, and the commission you get for the sale of our products is 15% and may reach 40% in the highest category.

What should I do once I sign up?

The first thing you should do is enter the PayPal account through which you wish to receive the commissions.

When will I collect my commissions?

Commissions are paid once a month, the last week of each month.

How are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid by PayPal ONLY. The total amount of the commissions is paid. Financial charges are assumed by the affiliate.

What is the section Affiliate Links good for?

In the Affiliate Links section, you may access the corresponding link to your affiliate account, for example:


By means of the final information in the link (ref=affiliate-example), our system records that such web visit corresponds to an affiliate.

Should a purchase not get registered for any given purpose, and if the affiliate can prove a client made a purchase due to his/her referral, the program administrator may link such purchase with the affiliate.

Section: Affiliate Links

In this section, you may generate links to certain URLs, should you intend to share a URL with your audience.

In the Link Generator section, you may choose which campaign it belongs to (in case you have set up a campaign), and then paste the link.

In this way, you may share such link with your audience in a simple way, thus shortening the purchase process.

You may also download the links’ QR codes.

Section: Campaigns

The idea of generating campaigns is to be able to monitor the actions you perform to share with your audience.

The “Campaign” is just a tracking name which we recommend you use in all links you generate for a certain service.

For example, if you plan to write reviews of our web design service, your campaign name should be “Webdesign” and every link you generate from this service will go under this campaign. You will see a better organization of the information in the Overall section.

Section: Banners

In the Banners section, you may download the banners to share in your website in order to attract visitors to our website.

The website has 3 differentiated pricing lists according to their destination: US/GLOBAL – LATAM – ARGENTINA.

When selecting the banners to download, review the pricing list according to the region. The following text appears in all banners: This link….

By downloading the right banner for your audience, you can get better results.

Section: Landing Pages.

In this section, you will have the links to the Landing Pages of the website, and in this way, share it with your audience, and track visits.

Section: Referrals

In this section, you can see the list of the referees who have purchased your links. In case you cannot see any referee you know has made a purchase, but is not listed, please contact the administrator to verify the reason why it is not listed.

Section: Payments

In this section, you will see all payments we make, based on your referees’ purchases.

Section: Overall

In this section, you will see information regarding your referees, the visitors who have reached our website through your links, your referees’ history, and your contacts network structure.

MLM (Multi-level marketing)

Attracting potential clients with your affiliate links is not the only way to make money. You can earn money by making other people sign up to the program and thus earn from the sales your affiliates make.

It sounds complicated, but it is not. Each affiliate may have up to 5 related people. And, if these 5 people make other people sign up, you will still earn money!

The scale is as follows: for the first referee level (for example, if you tell a friend to sign up), you will earn 5% of what their referees may purchase.

For the second level (your friend tells another friend to sign up), you will earn 3% of his referees’ purchases.

For the third level, (your friend’s friend suggests another friend to sign up), you will still earn 1%!

You can multiply your income in a simple and effortless way!