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Flix Translations Group is the leading translation and localization and digital marketing company for businesses based in Miami, providing global solutions for its clients in terms of translation quality, around-the-clock support, and quick turnaround times.

Flix Translations Group has two brands working comprehensively to provide to our customers a wide range of services. Flix Translations (Translation and Localization) and Flix Trans Media (Digital Marketing).

With a consolidated in-house translators team with solid experience in the legal, IT, technology and marketing fields, Flix Translations Group provides globalization and localization services in real-time.

Operating globally implies having in mind different time zones, communication channels and a fast response ratio. As the company CEO, Jorge Alonso, states, “in times where response rates and 24/7 availability are highly valued, it is extremely necessary to have technological and human support to satisfy client demands.”

Flix Translations Group’s recent certification in the 9001 and 17 100 standards guarantees all products and services are handled within strict processes and ensures quality from the beginning to the end of any project.

Flix Translations Group counts on a solid background in the localization industry, with clients such as Veeam, GoDaddy, ESET, Twitter, Samsung and LG, among many others, helping them with website, software, and marketing materials localization as well as testing, engineering and subtitling services.

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