Professional Plan

Professional Plan


Our design team has three adapted options to make the design process of your website much simpler and faster. Once you decide which type of plan you will use, our team will propose several design options and we will provide you with a comprehensive service so that you can get your website online as soon as possible.

To get started choose which payment option you want. You can pay in a single discount payment or up to 6/12 payments.

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Product Description


  • Responsive WordPress theme developed from the provided design
  • Video training (including off-the-shelf WordPress training and custom videos covering the unique aspects of your site)


15 working days from the payment of the contract.


The project is billed at a flat fee of $399 total.

The deployment price does NOT include the following processes or items:

Content Creation. The content of the site in its entirety will be developed and delivered by the customer. If the customer wishes the content to be developed, they will be quoted separately.

Hosting or web hosting. The price of the plan includes only the design and implementation of the website. Please note that the accommodation is not included. You can hire the hosting as an addition to the plan.

Design or development of images. Templates, in general, have images that they bring by default. If the customer wishes to change the images that the template brings, an additional $80 will be charged.

Video editing. The plan does NOT include video editing.

Professional Standard. The developer will provide the services identified in the Statement of Work. The developer will provide these services in a professional manner, and in accordance with applicable professional standards.

Deliverables. The developer will provide its Deliverables to the Client as a functional prototype and additionally as compressed source code. The Client understands that it may need particular software and expertise to use the deliverables. If the Client would like its deliverables in a specific file format, the Client must request to have the format included in the Statement of Work.

Change Request

A “Change Request” is any request for work outside the scope of the Statement of Work.

If such a request is made, the Developer will notify the Client that it is a Change Request. If the Client still wants to proceed with the Change Request, the Developer will bill the work on a time and materials basis, at the Developer’s standard hourly rate of $125/hr. The Developer may also extend its delivery schedule.

If the Change Request alters the scope of the project by more than 20%, the Developer may submit a new proposal to the Client.